P119 Round Molds III (Injection Resin)
P119 Round Molds III (Injection Resin)
Added details for Gundam Models

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Added details for Gundam Models, P119 Round Molds III (Injection Resin)


The numbers on some of the runners indicate the size in mm.
Parts could be loose from runner due to transport.



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  • Material
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  • : Gundam
  • : Plastic Detail Parts
  • : Resin Injection molded
  • : 7x7x1
  • : 0,0100
  • : 31704

* Choking hazard, not for children under the age of 8.

* Resin should be safely sanded under proper conditions. Dust particles are very harmful fort the health. Avoid particles by sanding in the open air with a respirator. (See the instruction page (Resin) for advice and techniques on proper usage).

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